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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hilary + Brendan

I want to share an especially lovely wedding that was magical in so many ways. First of all, the bride is one of my best friends. Hilary and I have been friends since we were 15 so our friendship has spanned a decade and half (and at times a whole continent) so it felt so good to watch her marry someone as perfect for her as Brendan. And I'm not saying that just to be nice, Brendan- since you've moved back to Boston I feel like I've gained a new friend instead of losing one, like some people feel when their friends are married off.

The second cool thing about this wedding is that I had the honor of being a bridesmaid. It's definitely an interesting feat to have double responsibilities, but I had a whole team to help me and together we created some amazing images. In case you are trying to visualize a bridesmaid wielding a camera, this is me at work in my sweet dress:

The much anticipated dress. I watched this little Vera Wang number become transformed and fitted to perfection. My first behind the scenes view of what my brides go through with all that pinning and tucking and hemming to get that perfect fit.

Hilary was by far the most mellow bride ever. During the celebrations the night before, there was a bit of roasting and toasting and someone mentioned how Hilary uses the word "mellow" a lot, that it's a characteristic of her personality and lifestyle. You could say her wedding day was like that in many ways- so relaxed, no rushing around, everyone really enjoying every moment.

The veiling...

The first moment the bride and groom saw each other. (I think it went over well.)

Mike captured this dreamy moment:

I love, love the way Hilary is looking at Brendan in this image. It is so telling of their relationship. When you hang out with them, you can visually see how much respect and admiration they have for each other, without them even speaking.

My friend Cassi also photographed with Mike and I and she captured the following two images that I just love. She just moved to Philadelphia so if anyone in that area is in need of some photography, be sure to check out her sweet skills.

The ring bearers were too cute for words.

Before their wedding, Hilary, Brendan and I sat down to plan out the timing of their day to make sure we had plenty of time for pictures, so the day wouldn't feel rushed. On the bottom of the list of portraits I typed up for her, was written "Save 15 minutes for pictures in the street with green fire hydrant," which made Hilary laugh when she reviewed our plans. Mike and I had seen this spot a minute down the road from where she was getting ready, fell in love with the little green hydrant, and needed to take some pictures there. I love fun, unexpected places to photograph the bride and groom.

One of my favorite shots of the day- so frisky.

This would look amazing really really huge.

Here's where I might get a little mushy. The ceremony was so beautiful that I was in tears before I even started down the aisle. Music is a huge part of Hilary and Brendan's lives so it was an important part of their wedding. All the groomsmen sang an a cappella version of a song called "Love is Simple" which mingled with the soft, pale sunset and drifted on the salty breeze. It was utterly, amazingly, beautiful. I walked down the aisle with tears in my eyes, the hugest smile on my face, and so much love in my heart.

Mike captured all of these images of the ceremony. It's really hard to let go of the camera and trust someone else to do it, but Mike totally blew me away with these images. They are so touching- I just couldn't have done any better. (I'm so excited that I get to marry him.)

I love this composition.

What a little blue grass music will do to you:

I love how happy and proud they look in this picture.

Cassi got some great shots of the reception looking all elegant.

And then they danced their faces off. All of Brendan's groomsmen are musicians, so when the band took a break, they took over. I wish they could have played all night.

Hilary put on her dancing shoes and this might be one of my favorite images of the whole night:

Hilary + Brendan,
This whole weekend was overflowing with more love than I thought humanly possible in one place at one time, and I know yours was right at the center of it. I know you two focused on all the things most important to you and through that you really created the most magical celebration.

To see more images, check out the slideshow below:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Day at the Park

I took my little cousin to the park the other day and I had my little point and shoot camera with me so I took a few pictures while she was playing. Erin is one of my favorite people on the planet- I used to watch her every week when she was little so she's kind of my baby (even though she's getting so big!). She has the best sense of humor- she makes me laugh all day and remember how enjoyable life is when you stop worrying about all the things you think you have to do and just enjoy the moment that's happening now.

She wanted to wear her hair like mine so we both had pigtails. (Her's are cuter, though.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lobster Tails

Yesterday evening I photographed an engagement session in the North End with Anne and James who couldn't believe I had never tried a Lobster Tail (I actually didn't even know what it was). They disappeared into the crowd at Mike's Pastry and finally reemerged, presenting me with an eight inch box, tied together with a little string, which I managed to squeeze into my bag for later. If I had any idea how amazing this treat would be, I don't think it would have stayed in my bag for five hours. And I wouldn't have invited my sister over to share it with me. Lobster tails go in the most-amazing-desserts-ever category. I'm meeting friends in Boston tomorrow night and I'm already scheming how I can herd them towards the North End....

It really is the size of a huge lobster.

The lovely couple sharing a cannoli. Many more pictures to come later....

Thanks Anne + James for spoiling me- thank you for dinner and especially for walking me to my car. You two are so thoughtful.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cassandra + Scott

Cassandra and Scott were married at a beautiful church in Haverhill and celebrated afterwards at Brookstone Park in New Hampshire- a really pretty spot where the staff treated everyone so kindly. I think Cassandra was one of the happiest, most excited brides I've ever met. Her feelings were contagious and it was so much fun to take pictures of her and her girls getting ready. She put her dress on in a room with big windows and lots of natural light which makes for amazing pictures (if you are a bride-to-be and you are thinking about where to get ready, pick a bright spot with lots of windows). This is a pretty long post, but there were just so many moments to share and so many darn sweet kids in this wedding.

Some details:

If I was having a contest for cutest expression, I think you'd win Cassandra. There are handfuls of pictures where your personality just spills out...

One of my favorites of the day. I love the glowing light and the way her hand skims the wall.

We ventured into the woods a bit for some portraits. What's the good of having a gorgeous dress if you can't have fun it? I always make sure the top layer of the dress stays clean but you are only going to wear it once so you might as well enjoy it and not worry about it getting dirty.

Scott looking handsome backstage:

Cassandra's solution to figuring out how to walk in her dress was pretty ingenious (and sexy).

Love this image Mike created:

Another couple moments brought to you by Mike. (I didn't give him credit for the sweet radish picture he took of me in my last post, so I thought I'd make it up to him now by sharing these two images I thought were beautiful.)

And my favorite image of the whole day. It just takes my breath away and makes me feel happy.

It's hard to imagine that there is a bride in there somewhere.

And a lovely display of fireworks- such an amazing way to end the night.

Cassandra + Scott,
Thank you for your unquestioning trust. It means a lot to me and allows me the space to create really original imagery. Also thank you for warmly inviting me into your family. You two were so much fun to photograph- your love is contagious.

To see more images, check out the slideshow below: