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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rachel + Shawn

I guess I'm a little slow on the blogging these summer days. We've been photographing so many beautiful people and occasions and there's just not enough time in the day to share it all. And out my window the birds are singing and the leaves are rustling, calling me to come out and play. There are wild berries to be picked and backwaters to kayak, ocean breezes to chase and rainstorms to dance in... so you'll have to forgive me for enjoying life a bit :)

This spring I had the pleasure of photographing an Engagement Session for Rachel and Shawn, two of the sweetest people I've ever met. Their hearts are big and open wide...

Ahhh...possibly my favorite moment.

Rachel + Shawn,
I'm still smiling...you're contagious :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beckham + Family...

A bit of catching up to do here on the blog...We've been photographing so much which means there will be lots of new work to share soon.

Starting with little Beckham...one of the sweetest fellows I've ever met. His mom, Cassie, is a fellow photographer and friend. We've photographed several weddings together and it's always a pleasure. Her children's' portraiture is amazing so if you are in the Philadephia area, check out her work. Since Beckham is pretty well photographed, we focused on the family together because the one downside of being a photographer is that you're never in any of the images.

The happy family...

I love how sincere Beckham's expressions are...

I sometimes feel like words can ruin it, so I'll let the images speak.

In love with this moment...

Which evolves into this next moment...Children are such an important part of our lives because they let us open our hearts widest. They make us feel safe enough to reveal things we often hold back because they give to us so freely, holding nothing back.

My very favorite. Sigh...

Cassie, Jordan + Beckham,
I loved meeting you all together as a family. It is inspiration I will keep for when I start my own family. Hope you consider moving back to Boston!