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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jennifer + Andrew

Jen and Andrew brought me to Stonehurst in Waltham for their Engagement Session which is a beautiful spot for photographs and full of rich history. Designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and Frederick Law Olmsted, the idea behind their creative force was that everyone deserved an "abundance of healthy, clean air and a spiritually uplifting and restorative environment." I could not agree more- I think that is so important to our health and happiness. One of the things I love most about photographing Engagement Sessions is spending time outdoors in new and interesting landscapes (and getting to know my clients at the same time).

I think we explored every corner of the property:

I love this picture because it's a portrait of the couple but it's also so much about the beautiful landscape that they fit in so gently.

Just really liked this little moment.

One of my favorites:

These next two are my favorites. The light was just so beautiful and revealing.

And we ended in the parking lot.

Jen + Andrew,
Thanks for introducing me to such a beautiful spot. It was just perfect. And thank you for sharing so much of yourselves. Your smiles make me smile.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Piccirilli + Flynn Family

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Piccirilli family and the session was full of sweet little moments. I love watching how people care for one another- sometimes the smallest acts of consideration show so much, reveal how a family works.

The sweet little one. Child of a thousand expressions. So thoughtful- you can just see her thinking and pondering away.

I can remember the exhilarating feeling of being tossed in the air- scary but so fun at the same time.

I would call this one gleeful.

One of my favorites. I love how children live in their own world.

After we booked the session, the whole family decided they would like a few pictures together to give as a gift to their mother so the rest of the Flynn family joined us and we ended up doing a double session (which was extra fun for all the cousins who seemed very excited to see each other).

The Flynn girls are especially sweet and carefree. I loved the way they played together in a way that only sisters can.

Possibly my favorite of the day.

Thank you for sharing your warm, caring families. It was a treat to be surrounded by so many smiling faces.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adventures in New York City

I just spent a lovely two days in New York City. I went for the Photoplus Expo but the highlight was really spending time with new and old friends. And walking a lot in the city- I came across this on Friday morning in Hoboken- technically NJ but just minutes from NYC and such a sweet little place. So sweet, in fact, that I ate a cupcake there everyday from this friendly corner bakery. I love when I can slow my life down enough to appreciate all the little beautiful things that fill our days.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shawna + Brad

I don't normally post this many images from an Engagement Session, but this is one of the coolest places I've photographed, with an especially fun couple. We went to Saquish Beach which is like a large sandbar with houses on it. I had to ditch my car and join Shawna and Brad because I don't have four-wheel drive and the roads- actually there was only really one road- was pure sand. Not packed down, hard sand but soft, lay on the beach sand and it was so fun to drive along. The weather was really grey and had been threatening to rain, but as soon as we started taking pictures, the clouds starting dispersing and the most beautiful light poured from the sky. It was a ridiculously ideal setting. Shawna and Brad were so easy to photograph- they have such a graceful ease together. They were kind of in their own world and I was just tagging along for the ride...

The colors seem unreal but that's how it was.

Love love love this image.

Another favorite. Their pup just planted himself there on his own.

Considering Saquish is so small that I could practically see the ocean surrounding us, there was such a variety of scenery- miniature wooded patches, marshes, fields of wild beachy stuff growing on the side of the road...I could have spent the whole day out there.

I love this moment-something about the expressions, the inbetween-ness of it. So many beautiful, interesting images are those that are unexpected or that have a peculiar character to them that point to how really strange and wonderful life can be.

And then there is the beauty of pure joy, of playing around like a carefree child...

Because I've been an artist for so long before becoming a professional photographer, I always feel like I need to create images that really inspire me and transcend the boundaries of "professional" portrait or wedding photography. I have found a happy balance of creating work that is fulfilling that my clients love, but we might not always agree on our favorite image. The image below I love because it is so poignant, so raw. It might not make the best Christmas card, but I want to frame it and hang it on a gallery wall above a placard with my name proudly printed on it.

This might be my favorite image from the whole session. It just has this poet, otherworldly quality to it.

This one's got a little place in my heart, too.

Shawna + Brad,
Thank you so much for taking me out here. You are lucky to have such a spot to escape to- it really is a beautiful place. And so perfect for your session- I think it reflects a lot of the qualities that you both share in common. It's hard to put into words, just a feeling.