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Monday, December 15, 2008

Jen + David

I shared a pretty sweet afternoon with Jen and David- even though we were technically in a park in the city, it felt like a hike into the wildnerness. We saw a huge hawk that flew right over our heads (by like 2 feet). I'm not used to seeing animals like that in the city so my first thought was that it was a paperbag blowing in the wind. Apparently the instinct to duck is equally as strong with flying paper products as it is with large, taloned birds.

Lots of lovely images from our session...

Love the sweetness of this one.

Nature meets city.

One of my favorites...

I love Jen's smile (think David might, too, because it seems to make him smile).

I really like this one, too.

Really, really loving this one...

And a few joyful moments...

Jen + David,
Thank you so much for coming out on this little adventure with me. You guys are great together- it's like there is a happy slinky between the two of you and your smiles keep bouncing back and forth.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Melissa + Michael

I photographed so many Engagement Sessions in about a one month period and each one is so different. And it's not just the location, each couple has such a unique language- the way they physically express themselves to each other, what makes them feel comfortable, makes them laugh, what fills up their hearts. Each time, I start with two people I hardly know and I walk away feeling like I know the most important things in the world about them. Such a beautiful way to get to know someone...

A few of my favorite images from the lovely fall afternoon I spent with Melissa and Michael...

I love Melissa's expression.

One of my very favorites of the day...

Really fun wall to play around with...

I love the way Melissa is walking down the street, something so carefree about it.

Another favorite...I guess all of these are my favorites. My sister makes fun of me because I always say that something is my most favorite thing in the world and then two minutes later I'll have another most favorite thing- I don't see why I can't have a bunch.

This one makes my heart skip a beat.

Enjoying these as a series, especially the middle one.

Melissa + Michael,
Thank you for giving me a peek at what you two are all about. Your pictures make me smile.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Erin + James

I moved into my studio space in Boston a little over 6 months ago and I had been wanting to photograph in and around the area for a while- Erin and James were sweet enough to meet me there and we explored the area a bit together. This happened to be the coldest, windiest day of the whole fall season and my studio is about a block from the ocean so I give Erin and James huge props for braving the weather in the name of photography.

This one makes me happy...

This one is fun. As soon as we walked into the alcove, the wind completely disappeared and it felt like 20 degrees warmer.

My favorite of the day...

Some might argue that a photograph that is quintessentially Boston should include Faneuil Hall, or the Public Gardens, or Fenway Park, but I think an image that shows what Boston is really like needs to include a little construction...it seems endless, especially in my part of town. You never know what kind of detour will be waiting to bring you on a new adventure.

I really love this one too- somehow it seems very different from most of the images I create. The lighting was so beautiful, I feel like I almost can't take credit for it.

Erin + James,
Thanks for laughing through the cold. I loved capturing you keeping each other warm- that's really what it's all about, right?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Doug + Abdu

Doug and Abdu's wedding was on one of those days when you wake up in the morning, you think summer is over but by the time noon hits, you realize it's going to be a beautiful beach day. I love those types of unexpected surprises.

The ceremony and reception were at the Wequassett Resort on the Cape- a really pretty spot right on the ocean.

The happy couple...

And their two sons. They were so sweet I had to keep reminding myself to photograph all the taller people at the wedding.

Love this moment...

My two favorites of the whole family...

And my favorite of Doug and Abdu...

The room looked beautiful- designed and put together by their friend Linda of Gourmet Caterers.

And this little guy I could have taken home with me. Just so sweet.

Doug + Abdu,
Mike and I had a great time photographing your wedding- you two get the fun award for the year. We enjoyed being part of your family for a day.

More pictures here...