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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marcus + Family

I had the pleasure of photographing Marcus and his family a couple weeks ago and we had fun playing in the park. This little one is very inquisitive- grass, twigs, rocks were interesting treasures in his eyes. If we could see the world more like the way children do, what a beautiful, fascinating place it would be...

A smile is adorable, of course, but some of the other expressive faces that children make are even more precious and can totally steal your heart.

Look at that intensity...

I love the pure joy in the following images:

And my favorite:

Thank you for sharing a bit of yourselves with me. Your images are as warm and loving as you are as a family.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a peek...

Amy Lee, this one's for you (and Brian, too!)

Something to look forward to...

I'm pretty excited for the wedding that awaits editing tomorrow morning.

Ashley + Anthony

I have finally smoothed out all the kinks in my new blog and I'm excited to start sharing my recent work. Ashley and Anthony got married in Rhode Island on a sparkling sunny day that was about as bright as the love between them.

Ashley had a great support team getting ready.

The ring bearer was such a little man...he seemed very proud of his big sister.

Ashley and Anthony decided to see each other before the ceremony as they wanted to dedicate enough time for their pictures to be able to shoot at some fun locations. We started at a farm that was on the way to the church- Ashley and her grandmother had passed by the place, fell in love, and went right up to the front door and asked the owners if they would mind if we took some wedding photographs on their property. A month later, here we are...

The gentleman who owned the farm was even sweet enough to bring out his car for us.

I'm really in love with this image below- there is just something magical about it that falls between grace and balance.

The church was so light and airy- we were able shoot with natural light which is the best kind there is.

I love the energy and excitement as my couples walk back down the aisle. If I lined them all up, it would be a long strand of really joyous faces...

The reception was held at Crystal Lake Golf Course in Rhode Island- quite a beautiful little spot by the water and full of friendly staff.

The groomsmen needed a few more minutes to let loose...

The reception details were so bright and colorful- beautiful work done by Couture Bridal.

I really love this last image- a small gesture can say so much, our instictive language that requires no words or thoughts.

If you would like to see more images feel free to check out the slideshow below.