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Monday, June 15, 2009

Thirst Relief Fundraiser

Sometimes when I’m hard at work at the computer, I get really thirsty and think to myself, ‘I sure would love a glass of water.’ Then I go into the kitchen and get one. I seldom think about where that water comes from, that it might run out, whether it is safe to drink, that it might be contaminated. I just assume that it will be there for me. And it always is. I need to appreciate that more.

Clean drinking water is one of our most basic needs, one which we assume to be a basic right. It comes straight into our homes and public buildings and we hardly need to think about it. It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to be deprived of that basic necessity, to have to walk 10 miles a day to find water and for that water to be contaminated, likely to make you sick. The startling truth is 1.1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water and 2 million people die each year due to water related disease, 90% of which are children under the age of 5. Providing clean drinking water gets to the root of many other health problems and circumvents the need to treat these problems later.

We are very excited to announce our first official fundraiser to help Thirst Relief International in its mission to bring clean drinking water to communities in need around the world. We’ve been supporting their cause (with the help of many of our clients :) in small ways but this time we are trying to launch a full effort to enable them to continue their wonderful projects.

To encourage donations, we’ll be holding a raffle- five winners will be drawn and will receive a gift certificate for a portrait session and print credit, each worth $500. The portrait session can be for kids, family, engagement, or the best reason of all- just because you love someone. There is no minimum, but your name will be entered once for every $25 you donate. With a donation, we will also offer a $100 credit to the first 15 people who schedule a portrait session.

Mike and I will be hosting an open house at our new studio in downtown Natick the evening of Friday, June 26, from 6:30-9:30, and we invite you to stop by to say hello, visit the new studio, and drop off a donation so we can thank you personally. Our address is 11 North Main Street. Donations may also be made online at http://www.thirstrelief.org/ or by sending a check to the studio written out to “Thirst Relief International.” If donating online, please select “Kate Rose Portrait Raffle” under the campaign option. If submitting a check, please include your contact information including name, address, phone number and email. The promotion and raffle will run through June 27th. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the studio by email at donate@katerosephotography.com or by phone at 888.221.0570.

Images courtesy of Thirst Relief International

What is unique about the Thirst Relief organization is how many lives they can better with their resources: $50 can provide a water filtration system that can help 10-20 people, $2000-$4000 can build a well that will provide clean water for almost 1000 people. A donation can change an entire community and even a small donation helps save many lives.

As part of a community, we are all responsible for the welfare of our fellow human beings, whether local or distant, and our actions should work towards bettering the quality of life of those we can reach. Mike and I feel that our business should follow this model and help us towards our personal goals of creating a better world. Thank you for helping us support this cause that is close to our hearts.

“The true measure of the humanity of a society is not how the society treats its wealthy, but how it treats its poor.” ~Henry M Levin

The fine print:
** All portrait sessions are done on-location and include travel within an hour from the studio
** Scheduling is subject to availability
** Sessions need to be booked (not scheduled) by July 14 to receive the promotional $100 credit
** Gift certificate winners will not receive the $100 credit in addition to their gift certificate

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